A local club dedicated to BOOST your game! 

BOOST Volleyball Club

Passing A Hard Driven Ball

Blocking - Shuffle & Swing Block

Jumping Workout - Basic

Setting - Transition Footwork

Hitting Form/Arm Swing- Advanced

Setting - Hand Strength Exercises

Jumping Workout - Basic

Hitting Form/Technique - Advanced

Passing - Fundamental Technique

Hitting Form/Arm Swing- Advanced

Passing - Body Position 

Passing Technique  - All skill levels

Setter - Focus and Footwork

Basic Hitting Technique - Beginners


Researched and downloaded from the inter-web just for you! This is for the athlete who "just can't get enough" and is looking to improve their game!  

If you've found a video you think it worth sharing, please forward the link to Boostvolleyballclub@gmail.com. Maybe your video will make it on the site!