Coaches With Skills
Fundamental skills taught by coaches who've "been there and done that".

Improved Understanding of the Game

We'll discuss strategies and help teach you how to react to court scenarios.

Increased Dexterity Skillsets
Improve coordination and footwork through new drills and repetitions from our old favorites. 


Better Ball Handling
Every practice session includes ball handling fundamentals.

Instruction of Proper Technique
We'll help you apply proper technique to your overall game. 

Improved Decision Making Abilities
We'll walk you through the game, ask you about your thought processes, and offer our own to help build your mental game.

A local club dedicated to BOOST your game! 

BOOST Volleyball Club

We strive to provide a positive team environment where athletes will learn solid fundamental skills from experienced, passionate coaches! We'll challenge you, we'll compete with you, we'll help provide you with the skills needed to BOOST your game to the next level. Can you dig it?

We Can Help!

We Want To BOOST Your Game!


It's Not Just A Name. It's What We Do!

How did BOOST VBC come about? 

I'll tell you.... Passion and opportunity came together, and the timing was right! We're excited for the opportunity to bring our style to the court!  

What kind of name is BOOST for a volleyball club?

Another good question! I'll tell you. BOOST is what we all need to get "over the hump". It's the support of your 2nd family. It's the encouragement to try again when you've failed. It's the attitude of taking the BOOST when I need it, and in giving the BOOST when someone else needs it because we're a TEAM and that's how  we play! 

Why BOOST ? 

Because when you love something this much, you gotta share it. Our coaches love this game, and we're dedicated to teaching it and sharing our passion for the sport with you.